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"Thank you, my prince." She smiled at him shyly.

after changing my phone, all my voltage games had to be reinstalled into my phone after i downloaded it.

it had been 2 months and now i’m finally installing it.

Preparing to play once my exam ends. ^.^ in a month’s time.


Gideon held her shoulders. “You mean everything.”

"Gideon…." Rainy wrapped her arms around him tightly. He loved her so much but so many things had happened around them. Should she leave, so they can have peace?

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Gideon pulled her close. “It doesn’t matter what they think. Not everybody is bound to like you. I know I’ve made some enemies. You just have to realize that don’t matter.”

"Even though i don’t know much about your company, but i still want your company to be in business. Gideon, I really don’t matter. All that matter to me, is you and Tommy."

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"Wilfred, will you change my last name?"




"How about Rainy Spencer? I quite like the sound of that."

"Rainy Spencer. It kinda have a ring to it, doesn’t it?" 

Her saying that to him had made Wilfred think about something that had been on his mind for a little while, he knew that he and Rainy had their ups and their downs but he knew that he loved her and he knew that his parents loved her as well and while he knew that there was still some people out there that didn’t like them being together the important people had accepted their relationship and that was all he needed to know.

Glancing over at his desk he bit down on his bottom lip he wasn’t sure how she would react to this, he knew that she loved him but they’d never actually talked about anything like this before. Forcing a smile to hide the fact that he was nervous he slowly made his way to one of his drawers and took out what he had gotten for her  week or so ago.

Heading back over to Rainy he cleared his throat and looked at her with another nervous smile “Rainy my love… I know we’ve had a lot of fights since we’ve been together but I love you and my family loves you and well…” He took a deep breath and knelt down in front of her looking up at her with love in his eyes “Would you do me the tremendous honour of becoming my wife, my princess and my future queen?”

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Rainy watched his actions carefully when he didn’t answer her. Speaking truthfully, she had already, sort of, acknowledge that she’s his princess and would one day have her last name changed to his. But maybe he didn’t thought of that before or probably it would be up to her to be proposing instead. 

Cocking her head to one side as she looked at him, still not answering her but ended up walking his desk. Her mind started to wander if he was going to ignore her and head back to work instead. Biting her lower lip as she glanced to the floor, thinking of her exit and that was when she heard a drawer opened and closed.

Looking up, she saw that her prince was back infront of her with a small box in his hand. Her mind went straight to what she thought it was. Was he….

Listening to his heart felt words, tears started to flood her eyes as she followed him and now was looking down at him. “W-wilfred… I..” Words couldn’t form in her throat as tears of joy were rolling down her cheeks. Without saying another word, she gave him a teary smile and nodded her head a few times.


Gideon shook his head. “No! Never!” He promised her. “You’re a blessing. I’d die without you. Tommy loves you and I love you.”

"But I had always caused troubles for you ever since we are together. Gideon, people don’t like me at all." Rainy couldn’t stop her tears as it continued to roll down her cheeks.

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Gideon took a breath to control his papers. “Slander, as I’ve said before. We have the camera footage. Now you can tell your husband if you want but when NY family is put on the line I won’t hesitate to protect them. See you in court ladies.” He pulled Rainy and walked off. “Are you okay?” He asked her looking at her hand

Rainy’s eyes started to flood and she tried very hard not to cry. Nodding her head, she watched how Gideon had came to save her time and time again. Maybe her being around him wasn’t a good thing after all. “Gideon, am I a mistake in your life?”

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Free! :: Edo Period AU

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Gideon heartbeat commotion outside and went to look. He growled.and.went t her rescue

Rainy started shaking the coffee off her hand and Gideon had come to her. Before Rainy could ask anything, the lady started screaming. “So what if you are Gideon Cross? What did I do to deserve this? I’m getting my husband to pull out of the project you’re working with him.”

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