Gideon ushered Tommy and Rainy into the car thankfully have one sided windows. “Angus drive.” He ordered and buckled Tommy in.

The car started to move and Rainy looked towards the back. There were a few reporters following them on foot and eventually gave up. Once they reached the hospital, Tommy was quickly being ushered into the A&E for a checkup. Rainy’s heart ached when she heard Tommy’s cries. “Gideon…” She turned around and wrapped her arms around him as they stood outside, waiting.

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Gideon called Angus to come and get them while he packed a bag for Tommy. He picked Tommy up carefully and carried him out the door with Rainy beside him.

The elevator finally reached the first level and they headed towards the car parked at the side with Angus holding the door for them. Just then, someone shouted. “It’s Gideon and Rainy! They are back!” Very quickly, they were being crowded by paparazzi and pushing microphones towards them asking about their relationship and the photos. 

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Tommy moaned. He felt like he was on fire. “My tummy hurts. It’s hot.” He whispered. Gideon went for the thermometer and ran it across Tommy’s forehead. “We’re taking him in. His temperature is too high for his age.” He showed Rainy the screen

Rainy’s eyes widen and nodded. “Let’s go. I’ll get a bag for him and you call your driver?” She asked Gideon and looked back at Tommy. “Daddy and Mommy is here alright? Don’t worry. You will be alright. Just try to sleep for now okay?” She gave Tommy a kiss on his forehead before running off to pack a few things for him.

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"Do you think it’s that bad?" He asked her. It hadn’t seemed that bad to him. Just some bed rest and medicine.

"I think he looked pretty bad." She answered and cupped Tommy’s cheeks. "Tommy, how do you feel? Do you want to go to the hospital or the clinic?"

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I just want to say you’re awesome. And very beautiful!! ~pass this on to your 10 favorite followers!~

W-what??? Two? Erm… 


T-thank you…. 

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I just want to say you're awesome. And very beautiful!! ~pass this on to your 10 favorite followers!~



T-thank you…. *still blushing*

Today, I saw something so damn awesome at the bowling alley!

This caucasian was on the phone and it was his turn. 

He walked up to pick the ball with his right hand, while he was using his left hand to hold his phone which was on his right ear.

He then walked up to his lane, kissed the ball and just threw.


And his two other friends were like “Holy shit! What was that?” And one was like “How the hell did you do that? I can’t even keep my ball straight!”

Yea. That’s super awesome. A very awesome way to celebrate my advance birthday. Thank you Mr B for you awesomeness! 
(I have no idea what was his name. It just showed that his name was B. Bruce? Billy? Ben? Bane?)


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↳anonymous asked: Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans
     ↣ “I weep at everything. I just love things so much.”

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(alright then! I'm going with how the MC starts in the game by being their newest member? I haven't play the prologue. T.T) Rainy huffed out a breath as she stood behind the door of unit she's going to be in from now on. She was playing with them earlier by sending random letters to get to know them, hopefully, but it only resulted that there were at least 5 of them and all guys too? Well, if anything happened she would probably flip them. Knocking on the door, she called. "Hello?"



"Hello there."

"Hey there pretty miss."



"Can we help you?"


"You the rookie?"

He kept his eyes forward, he moved stealthily towards the side exit and out to the parking lot. Kasuza pointed towards a car on the side of the building, “We’ll know whats going on once we get in the car rainy-raindrops .” He unlocked his doors, and they both slid into their respective seats. Turning on the radio, he tuned into a specific frequency.

[“All units we have a code 10-71, all units to respond.”]

With one hand on the wheel, he removed the receiver from it’s hanging position and spoke into it. “Hey Jade, give me the 10-20 on it.” With skilled ease he manuevered his hands to flick on his siren and turn onto another road, while driving a steady 75 miles an hour. 

[“10-20 is in downtown Wakimiya City Bank, these boys brought some bad ass toys. Watch your six out there boys, it’s one helluva shoot out.”]


"10-4, you got all that newbie or were you dazing out?"

Rainy was listening to the radio, mentally jotting down the details. Her mind started running through the blueprints of the bank and took out her sketch book and started sketching the layout, writing out possible entrance and exit.

"Shh!" She silence the driver as she continued to draw the layout. Once she was done, she looked up and found they had reached. There were already patrol cars outside. They got out of the car and Rainy was looking around two blocks away. She knew there was another entrance. "Mr Hanai? Mr Ha…!"

Before she could get to him, there was a bunch of other policemen around him. She looked around the area and wondered if she should head off on her own.