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what do you like to see raindrop in?


As little as possible Anything pretty of course, she’d look good in anything.”


"As….. As little as possible!?" 

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Wilfred looked around when he heard the meow and raised a brow “Meow?” He muttered softly to himself thinking that he was hearing things since there was neither a cat in the Chateau nor was there anyone in his office as far as he knew unless they were hiding from him just to make him think that he was going crazy.


Rainy was walking around the Chateau to find the kitten she had brought back to surprise Wilfred but it had gone missing. “Shit! The surprise will be ruined!” She muttered to herself and started looking around the place when she heard a soft meow from Wilfred’s office. ‘oh crap.’ She thought and knocked on Wilfred’s office door. 


Christian x Rainy


He smirked at her as he began kissing down until he was at her pubic mound.

Rainy shivered slightly at the feeling of his warm lips on her most sensitive spot and a soft moan escaped her lips. “You… you’re worshiping me…”

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Theodore and Rainy


He grinned and watched as she started coming

"Oh god baby…" She groaned and bucked her hips slightly. "Now I want you to come inside me so badly." She breathed out deeply.

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Gideon x Rainy


Gideon put Tommy in his favorite superhero pj’s before he went upstairs to see what his wife had started.

Rainy had changed into a set of newly bought lingerie she had gotten one of the days she had went for the fitting. It was in mesh and laces. It was like wearing them was redundant. She then kneel on the bed, waiting for her husband.

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Back in time


The King entered and Roderick was nervous. He was thankful for his poker face. “Is there something you need father?” He asked. 

"I overheard from Jameson that he spotted a woman in your bed with you." Roderick winced inwardly. Straight and to the point as always.

Madeline gasped and quickly covered her mouth with her hand. Were they caught? And will Roderick acknowledge? She wondered and listened quietly.

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Duke x Amelia


When their lips touched Amelia felt those same feelings from earlier return. She deepened the kiss slightly.

Duke’s eyes widen slightly at her reaction and smiled. His hands then started moving down her body sensually.

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The novelist and the waitress


Hikaru’s eyes widened in surprise. This was surprising. 

"Really? And what kind of places would you visit and is there anyone in particular you had in mind for a boyfriend? 

Rainy blushed a little harder. “I… I’m… not sure…” She answered and hung her head so he wouldn’t see how red her cheeks were. 

"A… anywhere…. Would… Would be fine…." 

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"Rainy?" Hayden peeked his head into her room to find her flushed face peeking our from the covers. "How are you feeling?" He sat by her side an brushed back her sweaty bangs. ((Hope you dont mind me sending this~))



(Oh! I don’t mind! This is okay!)

Rainy opened her eyes a little and saw the blond haired prince next to her. She gave him a weak smile and nodded her head. “I’m better. I think.” She mumbled weakly and coughed a little. She was down with a fever after being out with the prince last night in the rain. Her hand slowly came out of the blanket and held onto his. “Don’t go.”


"Why are you crying?" Hayden watched as another tear spilled from her cheeks. "Don’t cry…"

"Be… Be cause I love you too. I love you so much, Hayden." She answered and buried her face into his chest. " I am so happy that I can hear it from you. Right from your lips."